Photo by Harm Wilkinson
Photo by Siegfried Matull
Photo by Siegfried Matull
Photo by Siegfried Matull

For Visitors

Here on the California Redwood Coast, you'll find sandy beaches with access for kayaking, surfing, sun-bathing, fishing, diving, driving, canoeing, or tide pooling. Simply meditating in the company of the ocean and redwoods is enough. As far back as our history tells us, this place was originally settled by Pomo indians and Gualala (wa-la-la) means "where the water meets".

For your convenience our Visitor's Center is on Highway One in Gualala, on the southern end of Mendocino County. Scroll down to see what's happening around town.

For Residents

Who needs a vacation when you can enjoy comfortable weather and beautiful nature year-round? Northern California's micro-climates let you experience pretty much what you want, when you want for much of the year. For hotter weather, travel a few miles up to the ridge or, just past that next curve in the redwood highway, you'll find one of the "banana belts" (like cute little Anchor Bay). Take a short road trip to beautiful parks along the scenic Gualala or Garcia river. Have you walked the Gualala Bluff Trail? Have you photographed wildflowers in bloom or discovered the awesome wonders of clear water, clean sand, and giant trees?.

For Businesses

Our Chamber of Commerce serves the small towns from Fort Ross in northern Sonoma County to Elk in Mendocino County. Highway One acts as Main Street for the people who travel up and down the west coast. Some businesses are off the Highway and the Chamber of Commerce can lead you to them. Visit artisan shops filled with talent or treasure. Our lodging is featured in the country's finest travel publications and our restaurants offer enough variety to please the particular palette. Visit once and you'll want to skate back, for sure.

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